Meet the 2024 OnlyFans American Racing Team

The 2024 OnlyFans Racing Team is making headlines as they expand their presence in motorsports, specifically within the Moto2 World Championship. Known officially as the OnlyFans American Racing Team, they have partnered with the digital media platform OnlyFans to offer fans exclusive behind-the-scenes content. This collaboration aims to provide a closer look at the life of racers both on and off the track​​.

Joe Roberts @joerobertsracer

Joe Roberts has been racing motorcycles since before his fourth birthday. To say that racing is part of his DNA would be an understatement. Joe came up racing in the Red Bull system, where he was seen as a top prospect.

“I think the greatest thing about motorcycle racing is there is always a race to chase, a goal to achieve.It’s probably one of the worst things about it, but the greatest thing is that nothing is ever good enough. That’s what keeps me motivated.”

The team features prominent riders such as Marcos Ramirez and Joe Roberts. Ramirez, who joined the team for the latter part of the 2023 season, will continue to share his journey on OnlyFans, offering fans insights into his preparation and experiences in Moto2. Joe Roberts, returning to the team for the 2024 season, will also be engaging with fans by sharing behind-the-scenes videos and content about his daily life and race preparations​​.

Marcos Ramirez @24marcosramirez

Marcos Ramirez is a racer out of Spain who has shown great promise since 2012. He has steadily worked his way up from juniors to Moto3.

Marcos rejoined OART for the final half of the 2023 season, following his departure at the end of 2021 from the team.

In his short time back with OART, Marcos already nabbed his first podium in Malaysia– jumping from a starting position of fifth to finish third.

This partnership reflects OnlyFans’ broader strategy to engage with various sports and athletes, enhancing their content offerings and providing fans with unique access to their favourite sports stars​.

For more detailed information, you can check out the full announcements and updates on the OnlyFans blog and other racing news outlets​.

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